The paradigm shift we are all looking for

After 15 years of consulting I finally felt very depressed about the outcome of developing organizations and people. I was looking for a paradigm shift, but things seemed to be the same over and over again.

Then the shift happened. It was a shift within myself. Each shift occurs when we are able to reach a higher vantage point from which we see the world in broader perspective. It integrates all other perspective and allows us to expand with no limitations to ourselves and others. To understand what I am writing about I highly recommend to read the following article about Teal Organizations:

Teal organizations focus on its members‘ abilities to self-organize and self-manage to achieve the purpose of the organization

 Wiki of Teal Organizations.

The shift allows us to recognize the evolutionary path within every single one of us.

What do I strive for?

My purpose in life is to overcome barriers and borders. To tear down limitations, that lead to suffering and loss. At first this realization was scaring and frightening. Sometimes I directly stepped into rough situations I had to deal with. By the time I got used to it and understood that this is exactly the way I was meant by life. I started to love myself for what I am doing, I accepted my mission.

And now? I am happy to be here and to give what I have to give. Today I offer you and your organization an unique opportunity. Are you ready to shift? Do you wan´t to tackle the real thing in your life? Are you ready to transform your organization into a Teal Organization?

OK. How does it work?

With Auke from Value Match I found a partner who also strives to bring the paradigm shift to the organizational world of corporations and business. We are looking for a company who is willing to put a spotlight on the daily business.

We ask you to fill out an individual profile. You should be part of a group of minimum 5 people. A a result you get your individual feedback as well a group profile. An important principle in the application of these tools is the emphasis on creating environments that allow people to contribute their unique qualities, rather than seeking to make people fit a specific culture or environment.

Now it is up to you to share the passion for the evolutionary momentum in our lives. You wan´t to be part of this process and get the most out of it?  I can´t promise where this journey will lead us all together to. But one thing I know for sure: The magic within our lives lies in our true self, and I am here to share my true self with you.

Contact me via my webpage or directly ms (@) and together we find out how we can share our passion to thrive within your business.

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